About Me

My name is Lindsay Wilson, and I am based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. In 2006 I launched my Sole Proprietorship, and started to pursue my professional dream as an entrepreneur and Virtual Assistant (VA). I provide Administrative, Human Resources, and Business support to small businesses who need an extra set of hands, but do not have the need for a full-time employee. I live and work in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but with today’s technology, I am able to offer my services to businesses and individuals all over the world.

With my services, I can assist you by taking care of the tasks that you do not have time for, and that help to keep you, or your business running smoothly. I am committed to helping you take care of the details, so you have time for more important things such as clients and family.

With Virtual Assistance, you pay as you go – meaning you only pay for the hours of work that you require. You no longer have to pay someone to help you full-time, or part-time.

I can offer you a wide range of professional services such as creating custom spreadsheets, word processing, bookkeeping, proofreading, research, organizing, resume screening, reference checking, travel arrangements, and brochures. Please see the Services page for a complete list.

The goal of my business is to offer support in areas that take up the majority of your time – the time consuming tasks of administrative work. With me as your VA, you don’t have to hire a full-time administrative assistant, pay for health care benefits or vacation time, etc., which in turn will save you money. You pay only for the work required to be done when you need it.
VA’s are entrepreneurs themselves who understand the concept that


I will save you money, time, and get the job done with quality and efficiency.

Administrative support is at your fingertips! Contact me today and let me know how I can help you!

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